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YouTubers Get Another Conference: Another Step Toward the Mainstream?

These days, YouTube stars are inching closer and closer to becoming bona fide celebrities, as evidenced by the launch of Playlist Live, a convention that will be held in March and will feature personalities almost entirely culled from YouTube. By Brenna Ehrlich

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Behind one of the best designed iPad apps: History of Jazz

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How Do You Create an Orchestra Using YouTube?

yso image

It turns out all you need to play in the storied Sydney Opera House is a YouTube account and a touch of talent. By Zachary Sniderman

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2011 trends: YouTube and social media ROI

If you think videos are great for entertainment, you’re not alone. But they can also be time-consuming, hard on the bandwidth and sometimes a downright waste of time. By Urs E. Gattiker

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How to use YouTube’s video editor

Editing a clip in YouTube.

Back in June, YouTube released an experimental tool that had been long asked for by its users: a browser-based video editor. The tool, which requires no additional software, or browser plug-ins (besides Adobe’s Flash), lets users make minor edits to videos they’ve uploaded, as well as stitch several clips together into one. By Josh Lowensohn

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YouTube now supports 4k-resolution videos

Thought 1080p video on YouTube was big? Think bigger.

YouTube announced that its player now supports 4k, a standard resolution for films that measures 4096×3072 pixels. By Josh Lowensohn

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5 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience on YouTube

Home Depot YouTube Image

Online video has moved from the niche to the mainstream and become a part of our regular media consumption. By Vanessa Pappas

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