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The Truth: Why iPhone Users Will Ditch AT&T and Run to Verizon

Last week we saw the carriers’ growth numbers for Q3 2010, and AT&T completely blew away Verizon with new subscribers. Despite mass availability of Android phones, Verizon only added 1 million subscribers in Q3, its lowest total in years. AT&T added 2.6 million.

It’s now completely clear why Verizon has finally capitulated and cozied up with Apple—even with tons of Android models, Verizon simply can’t compete with AT&T in terms of new subscriber growth. By Steve Cheney

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Why the Verizon iPhone rumors are true

It’s to the point that no one really believes the rumors anymore, since analysts and pundits have cried wolf so many times. But this time looks to be different due to some key dynamics in the semiconductor value chain, and I am going to go on record to say Verizon will be selling an iPhone this coming January. By Steve Cheney

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New Droid to Debut the Day Before iPhone 4 Hits Stores

Verizon and Motorola have announced they’ll be officially unveiling the latest, greatest version of the Droid on June 23, one day before the iPhone 4 is slated to appear in Apple stores around the U.S. By Jolie O’Dell

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