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6 Valuable Social Networks for Parents

These six sites, however, are useful resources and active communities for parents. By Sarah Kessler

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Social media ad spend to hit $6 billion worldwide in 2011

eMarketer has released a report predicting the global advertising spend across social networks will reach $5.97 billion USD in 2011. By SMP

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Blogging, Twitter and Facebook inside US corporations

Each year Fortune Magazine compiles a list of the largest US corporations, which are named the Fortune 500 given their size and wealth. Due to the hugely influential role that these companies play inside the corporate world, their use of social media technologies does provide valuable insights of emergent trends to monitor. By Social Media Research

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Framework: The Social Media ROI Pyramid

The ROI Pyramid: Provide the right type of data to the right folks


Often, our industry can appear complicated, and yearns for simplicity. One such technique to glean simplicity is to develop frameworks which the corporate social strategist can then apply to achieve their business goals. By Jeremiah Owyang

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The Four Social Customer Engagement Scenarios

Here’s a visual to help organizations understand what it is believed to be the four scenarios of social customer engagement. By Jacob Morgan

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How the Champion San Francisco Giants Scored with Social Media

Adam Helweh talks with Bryan and Cory O’Brien from Swirl Integrated Marketing to discuss how they worked together to integrate social media for the first time during the exciting 2010 MLB season.

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Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

Social media consultants are a dime a dozen these days, but a good social media strategist can mean the difference between reaching your goals or spending seemingly endless hours and budget with little to no return. By Angela Denby

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