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2011 trends: YouTube and social media ROI

If you think videos are great for entertainment, you’re not alone. But they can also be time-consuming, hard on the bandwidth and sometimes a downright waste of time. By Urs E. Gattiker

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Framework: The Social Media ROI Pyramid

The ROI Pyramid: Provide the right type of data to the right folks


Often, our industry can appear complicated, and yearns for simplicity. One such technique to glean simplicity is to develop frameworks which the corporate social strategist can then apply to achieve their business goals. By Jeremiah Owyang

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What Are Alternatives to Social Media ROI Metrics?

Measuring social media success has been a hot button issue since the first business spent the first hour on social media engagement. Often times, pundits will point to return on investment (ROI) as the #1 thing to measure and for good reason. By Chris Treadway

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