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Apple to Challenge Facebook With iPhone “Photo Streaming?”

In an early developer build of the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 4.3, sleuths have found evidence that Apple might introduce a social media capability called “Photo Streaming.” By Charlie White

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Is the White iPhone 4 About to Hit Stores?

At long last, the mythical white iPhone 4 could finally be ready to reach stores. By Christina Warren

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The Truth: Why iPhone Users Will Ditch AT&T and Run to Verizon

Last week we saw the carriers’ growth numbers for Q3 2010, and AT&T completely blew away Verizon with new subscribers. Despite mass availability of Android phones, Verizon only added 1 million subscribers in Q3, its lowest total in years. AT&T added 2.6 million.

It’s now completely clear why Verizon has finally capitulated and cozied up with Apple—even with tons of Android models, Verizon simply can’t compete with AT&T in terms of new subscriber growth. By Steve Cheney

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VLC Media Player Now Available for iPhone

VLC Media Player, an app that lets you watch videos in several formats that aren’t natively supported by the iPhone, has arrived in Apple’s iTunes store. By Stan Schroeder

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Localytics: More Than 20 Percent Of iPhone 3GS Owners Still Have To Upgrade To iOS 4

In the smartphone world, it is generally a good thing to keep everyone on the latest operating systems by pushing out upgrades. By Erick Schonfeld

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5 iPhone Apps to Help Fight Poverty

Hectic lives, jam-packed schedules and the all-too-common feeling of powerlessness can keep us from doing what we can to make a difference — even if that difference is simply offering a donation. By Stephanie Marcus

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Apple Approves Another Google Voice App for iPhone

The developer of another Google Voice app for iPhone — “GV Mobile +” — said that Apple approved his app today. By Samuel Axon

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