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Is Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-Only Newspaper the Future of Journalism?

Apple and News Corp are reportedly set to launch The Daily, the first iPad-only news publication. Can Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs usher journalism into a new digital age? By Ben Parr

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Apple’s New Direction: Will the Tablet Replace the PC?


Yesterday at the D8 conference in Los Angeles, Steve Jobs laid out his vision of what’s to come. While Apple’s CEO went in-depth on a plethora of interesting subjects (e.g. Adobe Flash, the lost iPhone, iAds), he spent much of the stage time talking about the future of computing, specifically the PC. By Ben Parr

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iPad 3G With an Integrated SIM Card Coming Soon


Apple has given up on releasing an iPhone with an integrated SIM card. However, the company might soon launch an iPad 3G with an integrated SIM card, The Sunday Telegraph reports. By Stan Schroeder

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