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When it came to translations, you used to either need an interpreter or a book to navigate another language. By MG Siegler

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Larry Page: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Google’s New CEO

Larry Page: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Google's New CEO

So, aside from one-half of the search engine brain trust, who exactly is Larry Page? By Allie Townsend

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Google Removes Flash App From Android Market

pple exerts famously tight-fisted control over what apps make it into its iTunes App Store. Now, one Android app developer has learned, Google can play that game, too. By Mike Isaac

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Why did Google’s Eric Schmidt step down?

Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO on April 4. His public persona is largely unknown.

Apple isn’t the only high-profile tech company that announced a major change in its executive ranks this week. By Mark Millian

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Google to launch Groupon competitor

Google is preparing to launch Google Offers, the search giant’s Groupon competitor, Mashable has learned. We have the documents to prove it. By Ben Parr

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Apple’s iPhone Is Made Better With Google

Even when vying for industry dominance, sometimes a company’s competitors are also its best friends. This is definitely true of Apple and Google when it comes to the cloud. By Geoffrey Goetz

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Google Brings Interactive Video Ads to Android

Google has released a new Android SDK for publishers, making AdMob interactive video and interstitial ad units available on the Android platform. By Jennifer Van Grove

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