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If Foursquare is a Game, Why Am I Losing?

Foursquare is definitely doing something right. The company announced it jumped from 1 million users in March 2010 to 4 million users in October. By Jenn Riggie

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Four Ways Foursquare Can Survive the Facebook Onslaught

With Facebook’s recent roll-out of Places, many have posited the beginning of the end for what had been everyone’s LBS darling, Foursquare. After all, Facebook’s built-in user base of over 500 million people they could dwarf Foursquare’s user base of about 3 million with even a modest rate of adoption (about .6%.) By Colin Alsheimer

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Foursquare Surpasses 3 Million User Registrations

Foursquare now has more than 3 million users, if the site’s public user registration numbers are correct. By Lauren Indvik

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Is Foursquare Just Another Pretty Face?

Foursquare is the new hot girl at the party and everyone is looking at her. Everyone is saying hello. By Jason Keath

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