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Google Removes Flash App From Android Market

pple exerts famously tight-fisted control over what apps make it into its iTunes App Store. Now, one Android app developer has learned, Google can play that game, too. By Mike Isaac

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Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

Apple keeps giving Adobe the brush-off—what with the new MacBook Airs shipping without Flash and Apple’s prohibition (recently rescinded) on porting Flash apps to the iPhone. Without Apple, industry observers are asking “Where does Adobe go from here?” Apparently, right into the arms of Android. By Erick Schonfeld

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Flash vs. HTML5: Adobe Weighs In

Much has been written about the next wave of web technologies, namely HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. A big part of this conversation has surrounded the impact that these new technologies will have on older technologies like Adobe’s Flash. By Christina Warren

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