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Facebook Teams With Snaptu To Launch Rich App For Feature Phones

Facebook has proven to be immensely popular on smart phones: it’s the most downloaded application of all time on the iPhone and probably holds the record on Android as well. By Jason Kincaid

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We all want to be liked

Narcissism is no longer considered a clinical disorder. In the age of Facebook, is that really surprising? By JP Mangalindan

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Apple to Challenge Facebook With iPhone “Photo Streaming?”

In an early developer build of the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 4.3, sleuths have found evidence that Apple might introduce a social media capability called “Photo Streaming.” By Charlie White

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Facebook strategy basics: 3 truths, 3 tips

There is no question customers are on Facebook, talking about your brand and products, influencing and being influenced. By Gerardo Dada

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Facebook – at the Center of Your Messaging Life

Well, it’s finally here. After Facebook announced that they’d have an email solution that’s not email, they’ve rolled it out to the public. By Scott Monty

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Facebook Apps’ New Access to Contact Information Concerns Security Experts

On Friday, Facebook announced that it will allow application developers to request access to a user’s address and mobile phone number. By Christina Warren

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Memology 2010: Visible’s Reflection on 2010 Twitter and Facebook Trends

Some interesting trends regarding Facebook and Twitter in 2010. By Enrico Montana

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