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iPhone user?


The likelihood that you are already running the latest version of the iOS software is much, much higher. In fact, it’s something around 90 percent, if some numbers shared by the CEO of Bump are to be believed. By MG Siegler

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Apple to Challenge Facebook With iPhone “Photo Streaming?”

In an early developer build of the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 4.3, sleuths have found evidence that Apple might introduce a social media capability called “Photo Streaming.” By Charlie White

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Is the White iPhone 4 About to Hit Stores?

At long last, the mythical white iPhone 4 could finally be ready to reach stores. By Christina Warren

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Infographic: The Apple App Store by the Numbers

iPhone and iPad app discovery website App of the Day spent some time analyzing App Store data and came up with some interesting findings, which they compiled in the infographic you see below. By Darrell Etherington

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Apple’s iPhone Gross Profit Double That of Motorola, RIM


Apple’s gross profits on the iPhone add up to more than double those of Motorola and RIM combined, according to a new report by stock market analysis firm Trefis. By Darrell Etherington

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Apple’s iPhone Is Made Better With Google

Even when vying for industry dominance, sometimes a company’s competitors are also its best friends. This is definitely true of Apple and Google when it comes to the cloud. By Geoffrey Goetz

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Mobile web will be catching up with text messaging with more teens owning smartphones

Text messaging behavior is currently driven by young mobile users. Once they will own smartphones – TrendsSpotting predicts a fundamental change in the use of mobile phones: the text messaging phenomena will be replaced by mobile web activities. By Taly Weiss

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