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When it came to translations, you used to either need an interpreter or a book to navigate another language. By MG Siegler

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iPhone user?


The likelihood that you are already running the latest version of the iOS software is much, much higher. In fact, it’s something around 90 percent, if some numbers shared by the CEO of Bump are to be believed. By MG Siegler

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PicPlz Pretties Up Android App And Begins Accepting (Beta) API Applications

PicPlz has more about the new features for Android users. By MG Siegler

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This week, usage statistics released for November indicated Android may be slowing down somewhat, with ad impressions tallied by Millenial Media showing iOS and Android tied at 38 percent of all ad impressions on the network. By James Kendrick

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Skyfire Launches Android Browser With Deep Facebook Integration

Skyfire has launched version 3.0 of its popular mobile web browser for Android. The release includes deep integration of the Facebook Social Graph across the entire mobile browsing experience. By Blake Robinson

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First look at Aro: another example of why chaos on Android is good

There’s been a lot of chatter lately from Apple about why Android’s platform chaos is bad. What is chaos? Well, it’s the fact that every Android phone isn’t the same. By Robert Scoble

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Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

Apple keeps giving Adobe the brush-off—what with the new MacBook Airs shipping without Flash and Apple’s prohibition (recently rescinded) on porting Flash apps to the iPhone. Without Apple, industry observers are asking “Where does Adobe go from here?” Apparently, right into the arms of Android. By Erick Schonfeld

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