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Facebook Launches Android SDK

Facebook is releasing its first official SDK for Android, offering developers on Google’s mobile OS an easy way to tie their Android native apps to Facebook Platform. By Jason Kincaid

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Pew Research confirms that youth care about their reputation

“Youth don’t care about privacy” is an irritating but popular myth. Embedded in this rhetoric is the belief that youth are reckless risk-takers who don’t care about the consequences of their actions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. By Danah Boyd

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Brian Wallace provides the ‘how-to’ when creating a Fan page on Facebook.

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Quitting Facebook is Pointless; Challenging Them to Do Better Is Not

In recent weeks, tech pundits have been deleting their Facebook accounts and encouraging others to join them. By Danah Boyd

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Facebook Like Buttons Pop Up On Yahoo Sports

Latest to apparently add Facebook “like” buttons is Yahoo. By Robin Wauters

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