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When it came to translations, you used to either need an interpreter or a book to navigate another language. By MG Siegler

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iPhone user?


The likelihood that you are already running the latest version of the iOS software is much, much higher. In fact, it’s something around 90 percent, if some numbers shared by the CEO of Bump are to be believed. By MG Siegler

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PicPlz Pretties Up Android App And Begins Accepting (Beta) API Applications

PicPlz has more about the new features for Android users. By MG Siegler

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Zynga Preps The Launch Of RewardVille

Zynga is preparing to launch RewardVille. No, it’s not another ‘Ville’ game, but a rewards program apparently designed to let users earn rewards for playing Zynga games – which you can then use earn virtual currency, which you then use for purchasing in-game items. By Robin Wauters

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Facebook Teams With Snaptu To Launch Rich App For Feature Phones

Facebook has proven to be immensely popular on smart phones: it’s the most downloaded application of all time on the iPhone and probably holds the record on Android as well. By Jason Kincaid

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Twitter Gets Sued For Creating “Virtual Community of Famous People”

Look out, Twitter, it looks like the folks at VS Technologies are after you. By Samantha Rollins

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Larry Page: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Google’s New CEO

Larry Page: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Google's New CEO

So, aside from one-half of the search engine brain trust, who exactly is Larry Page? By Allie Townsend

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