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10 Social Media Marketing Examples You Can Actually Use

What is lacking in so many social media marketing presentations today are actual examples that get you thinking. By Jim Tobin

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Why We Still Need Real Social Media Strategists

Even though business strategies come from the top down in organizations we still need strategists, or at least strategic thinkers, in every area of business, but especially social media. By Shannon Paul

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First look at Aro: another example of why chaos on Android is good

There’s been a lot of chatter lately from Apple about why Android’s platform chaos is bad. What is chaos? Well, it’s the fact that every Android phone isn’t the same. By Robert Scoble

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How Starbucks is trying to change the media

Caffeine behemoth Starbucks finally unveiled its revamped Web hub, a landing page that’s only accessible from its in-store Wi-Fi networks in the U.S. Teaming with the likes of Yahoo (the main technology partner), The Wall Street Journal, GOOD, The New York Times, iTunes, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, Starbucks has packed the new site full of news both local and mainstream (including content that would normally be behind paywalls), free music download promos, local information like weather and bike trails, and movie trailers. By Caroline McCarthy

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Beleaguered Digg announces more layoffs

Long gone are the days when then-Digg execs Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson would make joint appearances at tech industry conferences and giddily discuss a cluster of new features coming to the social-news site–as well as the fact that they were, invariably, looking to hire new employees. By Caroline McCarthy

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How To Measure Blog Conversion

How To Measure Blog Conversion by SocialMouths

Blog traffic, content engagement, online community, social proof, all key aspects of blog marketing. All easily measurable items. But the ultimate goal is how to measure blog conversion. By SocialMouths

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100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events




Every week, Mashable puts together a calendar of upcoming social media and web events, parties and conferences. By Brett Petersel

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