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Social Media: Making Business Fun Again

When speaking to newbies about the what, where, why, and how of social media, I often remark how social media seems to help business people actually have fun again with their business! By Roxanne Darling

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New Twitter is an Information, not, a Social Network (cross posted)

Twitter has been faced with several challenges, mostly stemming from “paradox of growth”. By Blogworks

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Social Media: Who Will Do The Work?

Social media does take time even if you are efficient. While the specific hour count can vary depending on what depth of your social media strategy, you need at the minimum couple of hours of week for a selective strategy. By Beth’s Blog

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How to Create Organizational Change to Support Social Media Integration for Business

Great presentation regarding change in your organization to support social media integration. By Shannon Paul

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Brand Evangelist Jobs: An Oxymoron?

What is it about with Brand Evangelists? By Social Media Explorer

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Twitter Chats: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Participating in chats via Twitter pulls in new readers to your blog, as long as you’re helpful during the chat. By Alli

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Justin TV 2.0 brings live video broadcasting to iPhone (hands-on) 2.0 for iPhone
For live video broadcasting service, going mobile makes all the difference. It’s been just two weeks since the company launched for Android, but the app now accounts for about 20 percent of’s live streaming broadcasts. With the release of for iPhone 2.0, the company expects more of the same. By Jessica Dolcourt

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