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The 5 Senses of Social Media

We interact with the world through our 5 senses: hearing, visions, smell, taste, and touch. We should consider the 5 senses with our marketing efforts, specifically with efforts with Social Media. By Michael Durwin

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How to use Firefox’s new tab manager

The latest beta from Firefox introduces Panorama, a new tab-grouping feature that makes it much easier to manage tabs. See how to use it in this video. By Seth Rosenblatt

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TweetDeck delivers tweets in real time

A real-time version of TweetDeck is now available to the public, one month after Twitter announced a developer preview of its User Streams API, opening up third-party Twitter applications to display tweets in real time. By Sharon Vaknin

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How to make calls using Gmail

Here a good video on how to use Google’s ‘Call Phone’ feature. By Jessica Dolcourt

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Chrome for Mac tries graphical tab management

Firefox Panorama lets people group tabs in a visual array in an attempt to bring some order to browser tab chaos.

Chrome programmers have begun experimental work to endow Google’s browser with a full-screen tab-management interface similar to the Panorama feature Mozilla is adding to Firefox. By Stephen Shankland

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Netflix finally gets Phone app

There are a few apps that were available on the iPhone App store that could tie into your Netflix account. By Koka Sexton

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“Twitter track on steroids” announced by TweetMeme founder

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