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Is Android destined to be the Windows of smartphones?

In the 18 months since Android first launched, the mobile OS has gradually gained a sense of inevitability. It has reached the point where it is often talked about in the technology industry as if it is manifest destiny that Android will be the dominant platform in mobile computing. By Jason Hiner

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How-to-use Facebook for business users

Here are some tips on how to use Facebook from a business perspective. By Rajika

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How To Make LinkedIn Answers Part Of Your Routine

Using LinkedIn Answers is probably one of the most effective, yet under-used ways to build credibility and generate qualified leads using social media. By Jason Falls

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50 power Twitter tips

Here are 50 Twitter tips broken down into five categories: intent, technical, business, integrated usage, and off-twitter. By Chris Brogan

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12 Major Social Media Myths about Big Brands that Need Taking Down

Big brands didn’t get to be big brands by getting everything wrong. By Liz Strauss

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Apple and Google Tied in Social App Use on Mobile Devices

In recently gathered data from comScore, it’s showing that Google and Apple are neck and neck — with Google showing the slightest of leads — in the percentage of users who access social media applications from their mobile devices. By Jolie O’Dell

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Twitter Launches “Places” Feature with Foursquare Integration

After months of rumors and hinting, Twitter has unveiled its major new foray into the world of geolocation, Twitter Places. By Jolie O’Dell

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